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TRAG “Build Machines” is strong CD with intellectual lyrics. The CD has influences of Classical, Jazz and Modern Rock. It would definitely fit into the “Progressive Rock Era!” The music does remain accessible though and has a “Pop with an Edge” overtone. I would recommend it to any serious music aficionado. This band Rocks!!! In an age when Rock is all but extinct, TRAG’S fine “Build Machines” CD represents a welcome howl of protest about its demise. Recorded as spontaneously as possible, the music retains a primitive 60′s sound. No computer noodling needed here. A recording such as this has been long overdue. Wherever you are Michael Townsend, Rock fans across North America all thank you. That said, Mr. Townsend’s real talent may be in his solo, acoustic performances. Track 9, “Try”, is Townsend without his band and at his best. A very powerful love song about a man’s weaknesses, Townsend plays only his guitar and a very accomplished and emotive harmonica. If your budget for musical experimentation is only 12 dollars, it won’t be wasted on TRAG’S ‘Build Machines”. Interview with KC of

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